Impact Accelerator

The Impact Accelerator is a 4-month program designed to provide entrepreneurs with access to the knowledge, networks, and resources they need to grow their businesses and their impact. Our program focuses on connecting you to early stage customers and industry-specific experts and mentors, and on providing you with coaching along important start-up milestones. 

The reSET Accelerator Program is designed to train and equip entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their startups following the principles of Disciplined Entrepreneurship. Participants attend 4 summits, built to cover lean startup methodology, business model theory, product-market fit and innovative thinking through a combined curriculum of seminars, panel discussion, and hands-on workshops.

In addition, reSET offers multiple workshops covering areas such as branding, product marketing, pitching, investment legal 101’s, and hiring beset practices. The program also features numerous opportunities to work with the mentors and advisors from reSET’s extensive professional network.

What we offer

  1. Seminars – Through our accelerator, you’ll have the opportunity to attend top entrepreneurial seminars led by field experts.  The seminars align with the disciplined entrepreneurship approach and focus on understanding customers, competitive positioning, and preparation steps for building and scaling your startup.
  2. Mentorship: Mentors are a key component to the success of an entrepreneur, and their startup.  Our extensive mentor network comprises professionals from many industries who are seeking opportunities to help guide and support startups.  The large network size and high participation rate gives participants many opportunities for guidance.
  3. Community: Startup success is a lot of hard work and requires many tools and resources.  A vibrant and supportive community is a critical component.  Participants get direct access to the large reSET community where they can find support, guidance, suggestions, and customer leads.

Why Hartford

  1. Access to Resources – Hartford and the surrounding areas offer many resources to support entrepreneurs.  Unlike Boston and New York City, Hartford doesn’t suffer from a well saturated market of startups.  This reduces some of the barriers to entry often faced by startups.
  2. Affordable – Despite being the capital city, landlocked Hartford features a bigger bang-for-your-buck than most average cities.  With easy access to affordable housing and a lower cost of living, entrepreneurs find Hartford an ideal city to launch and grow their startups.
  3. Proximity: Situated about half way between the two hubs and full of affordable transportation options, Hartford is an excellent place to base and grow your startup while remaining close to other major entrepreneurial hubs like Boston and New York City.

Applications for the 2018 Accelerator, scheduled to run from January to May 2018, are open Nnow through December 8th, 2017.

Click here to apply – We will be holding information sessions in October and November for potential applicants. Fill out the Request More Information form to be notified about these sessions, or check out our events page here.

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