Coworking Spaces

Co-work·ing is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, with independent activity and common areas. Unlike a typical office environment, those co-working are not employed by the same organization. Typically it’s attractive to work-at-home professionals who need to get out of their home office (distraction free environment), independent contractors, or people who travel frequently and end up working in relative isolation. Co-working is also the social gathering of a group of people who despite primarily working independently, share the value in the synergy that can stem from working with people who value working with work others.

We have invited every co-working space in the state to be part of this amazing opportunity and to highlight their space in collaboration alongside their neighbors. We do not believe that co-working spaces should be acting in silos of each-other and rather leave the decision of where to co-work up to the individual and have their best interest at heart. Explore all of the incredible co-working spaces that our beautiful state has to offer. Click on the map below to get more information about each individual co-working space or scroll below for an alphabetical listing.


  1. 305 Knowlton e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  2. Axis901  541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe 7b24d431-b33f-4266-8e00-6ec431907477
  3. B:Hive Bridgeport 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  4. ColoDesk 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe 7b24d431-b33f-4266-8e00-6ec431907477
  5. Comradity
  6. CT Hackerspace 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  7. CURE Innovation Commons 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6
  8. Danbury Hackerspace 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  9. Fairfield County Makers’ Guild 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  10. Foundry 66 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  11. Guilford Coworking 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  12. Hamden Business Incubator e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  13. Hubcap Wallingford 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  14. Innovate Hartford 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe 7b24d431-b33f-4266-8e00-6ec431907477
  15. Makery Coworking 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe 7b24d431-b33f-4266-8e00-6ec431907477 (needs to be added to the map)
  16. MakeHartford 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6
  17. MakeHaven 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  18. Makerspace CT {Opening in Summer 2017}
  19. NESIT Maker Space 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  20. reSET 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  21. Rippowam Labs e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  22. Serendipity Labs Stamford e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  23. SONO Spaces 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  24. Spark Makerspace 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  25. The 224 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe
  26. The Grove 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6
  27. The Work Station e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe (needs to be added to the map)
  28. WeHa Works
  29. Westport Innovation HUB  e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe 7b24d431-b33f-4266-8e00-6ec431907477
  30. Whitneyville Cultural Commons
  31. Workpoint 541aa3ae-22f4-4ed9-bfd4-35cb8d8633b6 e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afe 7b24d431-b33f-4266-8e00-6ec431907477

If we missed any, please let us know.